I Think This Is Going to Work Out Fine

A couple of days ago I put out the second episode of my other podcast, Book Movie Blurt .  And it reassured me about the prospects for this one.

My worry at first was that there wouldn’t be enough material available to me for a podcast that looks in-depth at the process of making particular movies.  But as I researched The Thin Red Line for BMB, I realized there was far more there than I could possibly use for that podcast.  After all, it’s a podcast about three things–a book, a movie, and an idea.  There isn’t enough time for the depth of coverage I’m planning to do with this one.

You can be sure the fascinating story of how The Thin Red Line was made will be featured in one of our early episodes.

I’m also remembering some of the lectures I did a few years ago at Mensa conventions in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Portland.  One of them was on oners.  (And by the way, it’s astonishing to me how many otherwise educated film critics don’t seem to know the difference between a shot and a take when they discuss oners.  They call these things “single takes” or “long takes.”  But they’re really talking about shots–and not one of them was  done in a single take; they’re too complicated.)   Anyway, as I now remember preparing for those presentations, I’m reminded there’s a lot of material available if I dig a little bit.

One of my goals with this podcast is to approach the intelligence and production values (and the audience) of Karina Longworth‘s podcast You Must Remember This.  I’m a big fan.  She calls it “a storytelling podcast about the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century.”  The Story of a Movie will feature behind-the-scenes stories about movies at least as far back as the 1940’s, but generally my movies will be newer than Katrina’s movies.  Most of the people I’ll be talking about are still making movies.  Most of the people she talks about are dead.

I’m looking forward to sharing the first episode with you June 1.


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