First Episode is Up

Here is the premiere episode of The Story of a Movie.  It’s about The Thin Red Line.

I’m so sorry I made you wait.

Not that I’m picturing you sitting and actually waiting, with efforts in place to manage your impatience, tapping your fingers and wondering what the hell is taking me so long.

It’s just that I said I’d have it ready by June 1.  And then June 8.  Well, anyway, I finally delivered.

I’m still new enough to the particular editing tools I’m using that I lost half a day of work in a final phase of editing.  It’s a soul-sucking experience to have to go back and recreate work you did when you were fully in the moment and not taking mental notes of exactly what you did.  Recreation isn’t the treat that creating is.

But now that it’s done, I have other things to attend to, like figuring out a way in WordPress to put a cool player on the website to actually play the podcast.

At this early stage of developing the show, I’m especially interested in your comments.  Did you feel satisfied when it was over?  Did I give you something worth your time?  Was there too much detail?  Too much backstory on Malick before the part where he starts to make The Thin Red Line?  Too much profanity?  (I think I used the word “fuck” about six times, not counting others in the clips.)

As I listen to it now a couple of days later, I hear things that bother me.  I got a case of the mumbles a few times.  I’m wondering if my voiceover describing the charge up the grassy hill during the shot was superfluous and pretentious.  (Was it obvious the pre-roll was reenacted?)  Anything you feel inclined to say that you think might help, I definitely want to hear.

I just realized there may not be an easy way to leave a comment here on the website.  Until I get that fixed, you can leave comments on the Facebook page.

And thanks for listening.

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