The Story of a Movie is an upcoming podcast about movies and the crazy things that go on when people try to make them.  Sometimes the movie gets made.  Sometimes the movie is even great.  But we’ve learned that there is absolutely no correlation between how happy people were making the movie and how good it turns out to be.  Sometimes the best stories are about making the best movies–because of everything that went wrong.

We love behind-the-scenes stories, because we love filmmaking. We’ll talk about the personalities, the culture, the challenges, the rules, the rule-breakers, the creative teams, the technicians, and the peripheral people—everybody who has an interesting part in how a movie got made.

There are lots of great stories we want to tell. Starting June 1, 2018, you’ll start to hear them. Check back for weekly episodes. We’ll keep you riveted with the most entertaining part of the entertainment industry: movie-makers making movies. Or trying to make movies.