The Story Behind Making the Podcast Behind Making Movies

I’ve decided I need to do this podcast.  I’ve decided the first episode drops June 1, 2018.  And I’ve decided to keep you updated on some of the preparation leading up to the premiere.

So far there’s not a lot to tell.

I’ve defined the topic and scope of the podcast.  I’ve designed the first version of the logo, which needs a second go.  But that will have to do for now as I take care of higher priorities for the show.

I have the equipment and the skills.  I had a 17-year career on the air in commercial radio.  And the gear in my small home studio is configured pretty well.  I’m already using it for my other podcast,  Book Movie Blurt.

What’s this Book Movie Blurt, you say?

A book, a movie, and an idea walk into a bar.

The Story of a Movie is a deeper dive into film production than BMB, which is more of a review podcast as far as the movies go.  I think that will complement what I’m doing on this one.

I’ve set a premiere date, against my better judgment.  I’ve embarrassed myself publicly before by doing this, but this time I think I can meet the deadline.

I say that now.

I’ll try to update you as we get closer to dropping the first episode.  I already know which movie I’ll be talking about.  But it’s much too early to give everything away.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  I hope you like the podcast.